Conference Schedule w/Lecture Descriptions

Friday, May 26, 2017

1:00 p.m. – Opening Ceremony


1:15-2:15 p.m. – Keynote

  • Gloria Star – Shaping History
    The cosmos sings out, we listen, we dance, we write the lyrics for the music of the spheres … we strive to Know. What an amazing process to apply this grand tableau of archetypal qualities and bring fresh insights into the process of fully becoming! We’re seeing promising, but challenging, signs as we look to the heavens: ranging from extreme dissonance to outrageous, exciting innovation.  Hope Emerges! And we can shine light on that path forward. 

2:30-3:45 p.m.

  • Robert Hand – Signs Which Agree on the Path
    Medieval astrologers such as Ibn Ezra considered houses with the same ruler (such as houses with Libra and Taurus on their cusps) as strongly connected to each other. This is a factor largely neglected in modern astrology but it is proving to be very important in practice. This lecture will discuss the various pairs of houses that are linked in this manner and how they may interact.
  • Judith Hill – The Medical Influence of the Lunar Nodes
    Judith is one of the first authors to extensively document the specific medical influence of the North and South Lunar Nodes through four conditions: 1) Conjunction of natal nodes to natal planets; 2) Conjunction of transit planets to natal nodes; 3) Conjunction of transit nodes to natal planets. She describes the medical impact and symptoms noted for nodal conjunctions to all major planets and embellishes this useful theory with instructive and fascinating case studies.
  • Rose Marcus – The Ascendant
    The journey of self-discovery is a life-long dharma. The Ascendant marks where the experience begins. A perpetual live-and-learn program, the soul utilizes the Ascendant, its ruler, and first house content to bring itself to a new subjective awareness regarding its past, its present, its evolving desires and needs. Major transits over the Ascendant are significant triggers/contributors to the soul’s ongoing discovery process. This lecture will include also include a discussion of the progressed Ascendant.
  • David Pond – Dealing with Difficult Relationship Aspects
    As astrologers, we are often asked to help a client dealing with challenges in an important relationship. In comparing the charts, you discover difficult aspects that are likely causes. How do you counsel your clients with these difficult aspects to skillfully navigate with important people in their lives? In this talk we will explore many of the challenging aspects in relationship charts and suggest methods for helping clients develop healthy strategies for dealing with these real life issues.   
  • Samuel Reynolds – Sizzling with Solar Returns
    Reynolds provides an introduction on how solar returns can deliver your vital information about any particular year of life for your clients or yourself. He will also touch on whether to use precessed returns, natal or present-day locations for a return, and the timing for likely events as suggested by the natal and solar return chart for a year.
  • Alex Trenoweth – Re-Connecting with Your Inner Teenager: Confronting Your Greatest Fear
    Adolescence: you survived it unscathed, right? So there’s no need to rake over the past, is there? New research into neurology has revealed that crucial brain development occurs during adolescence and could be the source of addiction, negative thought patterns and other undesirable behaviours in adults. Alex demonstrates how the key stage of adolescence in development has an astrological pattern and, most importantly, how adults can use their own cycle of Saturn to become stronger and more effective authority figures.

4:15 – 5:30 p.m.

  • Chris Brennan – The Master of the Nativity
    One of the most mysterious and complicated doctrines in ancient astrology is the technique for finding the overall ruler of the birth chart, called the Master of the Nativity. In this lecture we will explore some of the different methods for finding this important chart component, as well as some of the debates about the application of the technique and what it could be used for, which ranged from determining the length of life to identifying the guardian spirit.
  • Maurice Fernandez – The 500 Year Pluto/Neptune Cycle
    The last Pluto/Neptune cycle took place in 1891 in Gemini, setting the tone for the massive expansion in global communication, travel, and multi-culturalism that followed in the course of the 20th century. We will explore the intriguing particularities of this cycle, including the ongoing sextile between Pluto and Neptune that most of us are born with and an exploration of the current Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces transit.
  • Andrea Gehrz – Advanced Astrological Concepts: Ancient and Modern
    Astrologers are notoriously intelligent, using big words and concepts in their work. In this lecture/discussion, we will expand our astrological vocabulary by great proportions. Both ancient and modern concepts will be up for examination, such as (but not including); astral prevention, ultimate rulership, radical free will, intentional compositing, symbolic substitution, and many many more.
  • Jessica Lanyadoo – Prenatal Conditions in the Birth Chart
    Viewing prenatal conditions in the birth chart allows us to understand the family life one year prior to birth, up until the native was 7 yrs old. This provides invaluable insight into the family dynamics that shape us, and gives context to our most deep-seated issues. Expect easy to use methodology in this lively talk. 
  • Melanie Reinhart – Nessus and the Fallen Hero
    On Valentine’s Day 2014, Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend a few hours before a conjunction of the Sun with Nessus, a Minor Planet or ‘Centaur’. We explore this tragic story in the light of Nessus and its resonance with the archetype of ‘The Fallen Hero’. The ‘felt-sense’ of Nessus encapsulates its distinctive lamination of multi-dimensional themes which co-reflect ancestral, national and historical themes as they precipitate in an individual life.
  • Jenn Zahrt – Triplicity Rulers of the Houses
    Get ready for a threefold expansion of your chart delineation capacity. Medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti outlines a scheme of house rulerships by triplicity, an important and seldom-used essential dignity. We will explore how the triplicity rulers of each house cusp can help us identify which planets govern specific areas of a native’s life. We will also learn a simple, yet powerful predictive technique. After this talk, your delineation skills will be thrice great!

6:30 p.m. – Dinner


7:45 p.m. – Keynote

  • Brian Clark – Day and Night; Night and Day
    Our past has bequeathed us the notion of planetary sect, a way of considering the horoscope from a diurnal or nocturnal perspective, offering a simple, yet thoughtful approach to day and night imagery. My work with dreams, images of the ‘night’, has profoundly affected my approach to the ‘day’ viewing of any horoscope.  This reflection will contemplate astrology as an intelligence of the night and how its symbols and images may be applied in the solar light of day.  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

9:00 a.m. – Keynote

  • Maurice Fernandez – The Profession of Astrology in the 21st Century
    In a time of such critical and rapid historical change as ours, what is the role of ‘heroic’ communities: communities consciously oriented toward a vision of the cosmos and a framework of values which in some manner fundamentally challenge that of the larger mainstream society? In particular, what do our local and international astrological communities offer to our civilization crisis, and what challenges must they meet to succeed in this quest? For individuals cannot do this on their own: we need communities to sustain the enormous act of the intellectual and spiritual imagination required to participate in the reawakening of a meaningful cosmos in our civilization.

10:30-12:00 p.m.

  • John Chinworth – Zodiacal Terrains
    Astrologers categorize the things of this world into Zodiac signs.  Countries and cities get placed by way of their foundation charts.  However, without having a chart, under which sign does a stretch of land or body of water, defined by its physical features, naturally fit?  Geography aficionado John Chinworth will guide you through Earth’s landscapes, exploring mountains, oceans, and deserts, etc., placing them within the Zodiac.  He will include ideas of how to therapeutically work with clients utilizing Zodiacal terrains.
  • Mark Jones – The Planetary Nodes as Indicators of Archetypal or Collective Significance
    This talk will explore the nature and importance of the planetary nodes as uncovered by the speaker through a decade of research. Sharing the results of this inquiry Mark will discuss the nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune; their interpretations within the birth-chart; and the value of these placements through close conjunctions to natal planets in elevating the issues of an individual life to a level of archetypal or collective significance.
  • Gregory Nalbandian – Making Order Out of Chaos: Feng Shui & Astrology
    Come learn how to use local space astrology to create a unique environment based on your natal, a business or a group of people.  We will discuss how local space chart can be used in all aspects of environment design based upon the planetary mid heaven directions in a chart.  Personalizing your home space, work space or even the placement of plants in the yard.  A basic understanding of planetary archetypes or Feng Shui is helpful but not necessary.   
  • David Pond – Astrology of 2017 and Beyond
    In this talk we will track the major astrological transitions for the next several years. Topics to be covered: Saturn’s movement into Capricorn; Uranus’s movement into Taurus; the powerful Capricorn conjunction of early 2020; and the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, initiating a 200 year social/cultural renaissance.
  • Melanie Reinhart – The I.C. Revisited
    Focusing on the multi-layered symbolism of the I.C., we consider the traditional themes of womb and tomb, home, family, belonging, place and ‘the end of the matter’. We also seek to go beyond literal and psychological meanings into the felt sense of the qualities which lie deep at the root of our being, and which support our life from within. How do the planetary rulers elaborate this? A guided imagery process will facilitate our exploration.
  • Philip Sedgwick – Gaseous Giants Go Galactic
    Saturn is now in the vicinity of the Galactic Center where it will be again later this year. Jupiter will enter Scorpio and come October, line up with Shapley 8, one of the largest, most irresistible galactic objects ever. What does it mean to individuals with natal contacts to these points, and more, what does it mean to Planet Earth as we go through these powerful transits? Come on in, then be part of shifting the planet’s consciousness gears.

12:30 p.m. – Lunch


2:00-3:15 p.m.

  • Steven Forrest – The Sun: Blinded By the Light
    The Sun holds the solar system together. As above, so below: it does the same thing inside your head. Often it is ignored in favor of more “advanced” topics, yet understanding the Sun is the key to any kind of integrative astrology. How can we see it as more than a catalog of personality traits? What does it really mean to “be a Gemini?” How do we update our “Sun Sign files” so they speak meaningfully to the modern client?
  • Robert Hand – Ancient Neoplatonism and Astrology
    Someone once said to me, “Neoplatonism is not part of the Western Mystery Tradition. It is the Western Mystery Tradition!” Two of the greatest Neoplatonists, Plotinus (c. 204/5 – 270 C.E.) and Iamblichos (c. 245 – c. 325 C.E.), have much to say about astrology. What they had to say has a good deal of bearing on the practice of modern astrology. This lecture will discuss their ideas and what bearing they may have on our practice today.
  • Jason Holley – After the Winter of Loss: Ceres and the Thawing of the Earth
    Some say that the most intractable human patterns are the result of un-grieved loss.  Grief tends to get stuck in the body, frozen.  In her grief at the abduction of her daughter, Ceres cast the whole earth into winter.  We will explore less-discussed details of her story and also stories of individuals with strong Ceres placements to enrich our understanding of how each of us can walk through the winter of loss, and experience the cycle of seasons once more.
  • Cheryl Hopkins – Pallas Athena: Creative Intelligence at Work
    The rich mythology of this feminine asteroid associated with creativity, profession and work is an important indicator for changes and events in those areas. We’ll look at her myth and explore its meaning in chart delineation using transits, solar returns and mid-point examples to illustrate times of change.
  • Laura Nalbandian – Protecting Our Vulnerable Core: The 4th House
    We are all walking around in a world that reinforces the notion that to be vulnerable is dangerous. So we develop our defenses to protect ourselves from a rough and tumble world and all the people we encounter. The sign on the 4th house cusp is like the Security Guard at the gate, attempting to protect us from emotional pain. Laura will explore how the sign & its ruler’s placement show us where are defenses are and the potential for emotional peace..
  • Joanne Wickenburg – Understanding Aspects
    There is a “part” of that wants to protect you (Moon); another “part” wants you to be successful & respected (Saturn), still another wants you to take risks & experiment with life (Uranus).  Aspects show how these various “parts” interact and why.  The natal chart provides tools to assist you in getting to know each “part” of yourself and integrating the various dimensions of who you are.

3:45 – 5:15 p.m.

  • Brian Clark – Soulful Encounters: From the Moment We Met
    What is this force or fate that brings two people to the same crossroads at the same time? How is this arranged? This moment of recognition, of remembering can be considered in many ways astrologically: a meeting chart, transits and progressions, synastry contacts, a daimon. While I will consider these, my focus is on the angles and axes of the horoscope, these crossroads of night and day, heaven and earth, past and future, intersecting points where souls encounter each another. 
  • Demetra George – The Progressed Balsamic Moon Phase:  Dark Moon Life Transitions
    An in-depth exploration of the dark moon life transitions that occur between the progressed balsamic and new moon lunation phases as illustrated in the life of Teresa of Avila,  a 16th century Spanish Carmelite nun and mystic visionary.  Discover how her descent into the madness of hallucinations prefigured her spiritual illumination. Learn how to use the astrological timing of the progressed lunation cycle to identify the unique opportunities offered by the dark moon phase for regeneration, healing, and vision quests.
  • Rose Marcus – Chiron: Resource Extraordinaire
    Chiron’s chart signature references a specific pool of peak cellular memory imprints that have left an indelible mark within the consciousness of the soul. Whether experienced as a background theme, an obvious life signature, or destiny’s call, Chiron functions as a “real-time feed”, assisting soul healing, growth, and service to the whole. It does so by replaying past life wounds and traumas, but also – and more importantly, by unlocking your special gifts and resources.
  • Gloria Star – Burning Bridges Without Catching Fire
    Truly letting go of those things that are no longer productive or relevant requires clarity, consciousness … and finesse. Current and upcoming cycles show us that it’s definitely time to bid sayonara to old paradigms and patterns, whether they are cultural or personal. Approaches to healing relationships, and the impact of current & upcoming cycles, are the focus for this class.
  • Patricia Walsh – Everything you Wanted to Know about Evolutionary Astrology ….but had no one to ask..
    Take a whirlwind tour through the ins and outs of the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology, from its overarching psycho/spiritual and philosophical tenets to the unique techniques employed.  Focusing on WHY each technique is a part of the EA paradigm, Patricia will cover: Evolutionary states, special rules in interpreting the Nodal Axis (Planetary rulers conjunct and square), Planetary Phasal relationships, Retrograde planets, Intercepted signs, and more. There will also be time for Q&A.
  • Rhea Wolf – Pagan Astrology and the Solar Cycle
    Our modern practice of astrology can sometimes feel utterly divorced from the nature-based observations which birthed the ancient system. In this lecture, we will uncover the connection between the study of the celestial realms with pagan Earth-based spiritual practices in different cultures and times. A guided journey will help ground the information into experience of the Wheel of the Year, adding depth and new understanding of the Solar Cycle and its relationship to the natal chart.

6:30 p.m. – Banquet Dinner


7:45 p.m. – Keynote

  • Jessica Lanyadoo – In Celebration of Failure
    As astrologers we have the unique opportunity to hold our clients up; we always get another shot at working with the planet’s energies when the next transit comes around. When we celebrate failure we obliterate regret and shame, creating room for successes. If we can embrace failure we obliterate the fear of it, leaving us more space for embodying our charts. The path to enduring growth requires us to be willing to be wrong, ask questions, and fail spectacularly.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

9:00 a.m. – Keynote

  • Robert Hand – From Thyself and from Science, the Two Components of the Astrologer’s Art
    Due to the work of Geoffrey Cornelius, Maggie Hyde and Angela Voss of Great Britain have raised an important question. Is astrology an un-acknowledged science that involves energies of which modern science is simply unaware, or does it involve something completely different, something extremely foreign not only to science but to the everyday thinking not only of the “man in the street” but most astrologers as well.

10:15-11:30 am

  • Michael Bartlett – Astrological Mavericks: What Does it Take to Change the World?
    What is the impact of being born with a planet on one of your angles (AS/DS, MC/IC)? Such placements result in “super-sized” maverick planet energy. These planets march to the sound of their own drums and set their own rules.  Michael will present observations from his research which illustrate the dramatic affect such placements make in an individual’s life and how they impact society and thereby change the world. Surprising examples of both negative and positive expression will be illustrated.
  • Brian Clark – Inhabiting Space: Placing the Archetypes 
    Inhabit suggests dwelling in, but also implies what is instinctually habitual.   Place is very individual; who can explain why we are drawn to certain places from a young age, or why some prefer cities, others villages. In this lecture we will consider place from the perspective of the soul, using the natal and relocated houses of the horoscope and their resident planetary archetypes to help us consciously cooperate with ensouling our personal and our collective space. 
  • Judith Hill – The Astrology of Death
    Yes, astrology can sometimes predict death.  Note, “sometimes”. Our Vital Force ebbs and flows each month,  provided a valuable energy gage. Death can occur when the Vital Force is significantly weakened by planetary stress and other factors. The speaker shares the planetary conditions that might alter the inflow of the Vital Force enough to present a significant concern. There is much one can do to bolster and augment the Vital Force at these times! Case Files included. 
  • Mark Jones – The Zodiac as a Developmental Model: Exploring the 12 Signs as a Journey into Wholeness
    This talk will explore the 12 signs of the zodiac as a flexible model of psychological and spiritual transformation.  Mark’s will utilize his experience as a psychotherapist to explore the signs as a blueprint of our life’s journey; a blueprint for self-understanding and to offer an inspirational message to others.  A fresh vision of the zodiac will be offered, alongside practical advice for personal growth.  Drawn from Mark’s extensive client work, multiple real-life examples show these insights in action.
  • Gloria Star – Preparing for Saturn in Capricorn
    Those old adages, like “get your ducks in a row,” can be more applicable to our lives as Saturn steps firmly into its in Capricorn at the end of this year. First, we’ll explore the last 7 months of Saturn in Sagittarius, pointing the way to achieve closure and completion through the end of 2017. Next year is another story. What does Saturn in Capricorn signify for all of us, and for life as we know it? 
  • Chet Zdrowski – The Lunar Nodes – East and West
    The lunar nodes have been used for many centuries in India; in fact, they are considered shadow planets. In the West they have taken an increasingly prominent role.  The mythology and use of the lunar nodes in traditional and modern astrology, both in India and the West, will be explored. On the surface there are major differences, but by going deeper we can find some common threads and themes that will help to understand this vital axis.

12:00 p.m. – Lunch


1:00 pm – Keynote

  •  Melanie Reinhart – Saturn in Sagittarius – The Broken Arrow
    Shortly before the December Solstice 2017, Saturn goes ‘home’ into Capricorn, accompanied by the Sun. What will be illuminated? Traversing the last few degrees of Sagittarius, Saturn aligns with the Galactic Centre for much of the year, forming squares to Chiron and one conjunction with Pholus (Dec 2nd, 28°7’). What about the Sagittarian ‘arrows’ of hope, faith, future-orientation, vision and optimism? Are they broken? Needing mending? A reverie to review our personal experience of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius.

2:30-3:45 p.m.

  • Adam Elenbaas – The Secret Symbolism of the 12 Houses
    In this talk we’ll seek to understand some of the deeper rationale behind the topical significations of the twelve houses. By looking at the interaction between the primary motion of the sky and the secondary motion of the planets within the twelve houses, we may solve some of the deeper riddles about how and why some of the traditional meanings of the houses were first assigned.
  • Demetra George – The Third House: Goddess
    Beyond siblings, local short journeys, and exchange of news, the heart of the ancient meanings for the third house arise as the rejoicing place of the Moon Goddess Selene.  Discover how Hellenistic astrologers describe third house planets in terms of the worship of the great goddess, her priests, priestesses, sacred rites, and divination.  Modern astrologers can look to the third house for connection to nature based and women’s spirituality, eco-feminism, and intuition as a way of knowing.
  • Jason Holley – The Sea-Goat’s Ambivalence: Desire and Need in Capricorn
    The strange-seeming image of Capricornus evokes an older consciousness in which forms overlapped and were considerably less distinct than our sharper modern gaze.  We’ve mostly tethered Capricorn to the goat part of the picture; but if we re-member the image of goat and fish, what waters does it lead to?  This talk will explore ancient stories of the sea-goat and modern stories of individuals redreaming the archetype in ways that help us comprehend the inner psychological realities of Capricorn signatures.
  • Laura Nalbandian – The Basics of Aspect Interpretation

  • Philip Sedgwick – Coping with Cranky Planets
    Okay, Mars is edgy and impulsive. Uranus is grumpy and unpredictable. Now, with our new solar system, Ceres – now a planet – and Eris – also a planet – throw their hats into the cranky planet ring. We all have these planets in our charts. There’s got to be a way to use these planets functionally, with “nicer” planets to achieve our greatest hopes and dreams, right? You bet there is. Stop in and let’s talk about it.
  • Becca Tarnas – Calling the Generations: Participating in Outer Planetary Alignments
    During major outer-planetary cycles, entire generations are born carrying the archetypal signature of that time. When these same outer planets realign in new configurations there is an archetypal resonance between the generations born with those alignments and the needs of that time. Each planetary combination offers unique gifts, and in our current era of social, ecological, and spiritual crisis each may have its significant role to play in creating a life-enhancing future.

4:15-5:30 p.m.

  • Chris Brennan – The Origins of the House Division Debate
    As modern astrologers we all know that there are many different forms of house division to choose from, and that this has traditionally been one of the most hotly debated topics in the community. But how did this debate first begin, and where did all of the different systems come from? By looking back into the early astrological tradition we will explore the origins of the debate, and in the process find some ways to resolve it. 
  • Maurice Fernandez – When Flesh and Spirit Split – A Story of Sabotage in the Chart
    Love is a universal value, yet, we live in wars, terrorism, and divorce. The split between spirit and flesh, heaven and earth, has permeated our consciousness and fractured us deeply – it is a global phenomenon at the seat of many social ills. The chart depicts this fracture like an X-ray. Maurice will explain this complex by understanding the spiritual laws of beauty and harmony in the natal chart.
  • Andrea Gehrz – Astral Somatica: A Deep Introduction to Physical Astrology
    This lecture takes physical astrology to an exacting level. Did you know that you can map your chart to your spine? Participants will learn to draw an “Astral Spine”.  We will look into how our Astral Spine leads to a bodily distribution, and extrapolate the Astral Spine to the rest of our bodily vessel. Topics will include–patterns of growth, how we hold our weight, the outline of our face, color palette, and much more.
  • Marie O’Neill – Retrograde Planets
    As a planet is moving around the Sun – from our view on Earth there are times when it appears to be moving backwards. The term used to describe these periods is Retrograde.  We will explore the psychological meaning of each planet that is retrograde from an Evolutionary Astrology viewpoint. There are tremendous gifts stored deep inside the retrograde planet – We will take a look at some of them for each planet. 
  • Patricia Walsh – Opposites Attract!
    Patricia will explore the concept of Syzygy; a complimentary pair of opposites and their potential union (Sacred Marriage). Within each of us, is the longing for wholeness, and oppositions in ones chart (and psyche) highlight the areas seeking an integrated ‘third way’.  Patricia will discuss each pair of oppositions in the natural zodiac wheel, and lead the group in an experiential exercise… so you will know, from your own experience, that the union of opposites is possible!
  • Joanne Wickenburg – Your Living Chart
    There is a part of you that yearns for excitement (Uranus); another part wants you to be safe (Moon). Still another part wants respect and recognition (Saturn). One part determines what you want (Venus), while another’s role is to get it (Mars). Are these parts working together in harmony? Or do they simply not understand each other? Discover how to access and implement your creative energy, identify your talents, understand your major life challenges and make them work for you.  

6:30 p.m. – Dinner Banquet


7:30 p.m. – Keynote

  • Steven Forrest – The Eris-Uranus Conjunction: Chaos Reigns
    We may not pay much attention to Eris, but she is surely paying attention to humanity. The Romans called her “Discordia.” Fittingly, her current alignment with Uranus has been the archetypal structure behind the horrors of the daily news, not to mention your own insomnia, hair-trigger nerves, and Facebook tempests-in-teapots. Pluto’s size, but only discovered in 2005, this little world is here to stay. Like all planetary symbols, it points to higher ground. Let’s talk about how to get there

8:30 p.m. – Closing Ceremony