Conference Schedule w/Lecture Descriptions

Friday, March 23, 2018

1:00 p.m. – Opening Ceremony


1:15-2:15 p.m. – Keynote

  • Kelly Surtees – Astrology, Magic and Philosophy
    What is the healing power of astrology? Where does this healing potential come from? What do we need to be mindful of so that astrology doesn’t become a tool for harm? How do philosophy and magic contribute to the experiences inside the consulting room? What ideas and insights do we need to tap into to make the most effective use of astrology in practice? Is astrology magical? If so, how? Can we consciously invoke ritual in both our lives and our professional practice, to enhance our application of astrology? The philosophy of astrology seems mysterious. Diving into it can help you express your astrological gifts in effective, heart centered ways. The philosophical backbone of astrology can provide context and perspective as we explore the deeper meaning of ‘As above, so below’.

2:30-3:45 p.m.

  • Robert Hand – Indicators of Calling and Profession
    An introduction to the determination of calling, profession, and career from the birth chart using modern, medieval and ancient techniques. This lecture will also describe two important distinctions, career or job versus main life activity and professions that are chosen with more or less self-awareness. The lecture will also discuss the major Saturn cycles that pertain to the ebb and flow of a career.
  • Cheryl Hopkins – The Lunar Nodes: The Chart Within The Chart
    The Moon’s Nodes are valuable indicators of emotional/psychological imprinting subconsciously driving one’s experience. They show the karma and corresponding dharma seeking reconciliation and the reason for the personality as astrologically indicated. Seeing them and related planets as their own chart is helpful to focus in on their story. Then relating that story to the rest of the chart shows why the personality is the chosen one to resolve karmic issues through the dharmic path.
  • Diane Swanson – Asteroid Hygeia: Claiming the Power to Heal Body, Mind and Spirit
    Hygeia, the asteroid of holistic healing, holds clues to purifying the toxic, self-defeating karmic patterns in a chart. She sheds light on the evolutionary predicament defined by the Lunar Nodes, and is the way shower on the path to wholeness. This workshop will explore her placement by house and sign natally as well as transits, progressions and solar arc–illuminating how to integrate her energy to heal body, mind and spirit.
  • Simon Vorster – Our Evolutionary Direction – The Transition from the Saturnian to Uranian Life
    This lecture explores how humanity is currently in a transitory time. I will show how the discovery of Uranus and Chiron are and continue to awaken humanity to a deeper layer of itself. I will correlate the impact of Pluto’s cycle around the zodiac since Uranus’s discovery to the evolutionary integration of the archetype into the collective field of awareness. Through highlighting the connections between Pluto, Uranus and Chiron cycles, we can see transition of humanities, physical and emotional evolution.
  • Jenn Zahrt – Get it Published: Tips for Astrological Writing
    Go from concept, to pitch, to the joy of seeing your astrological writing in print. This lecture will present you with tips and best practices in how to improve your astrological research, hone your writing, craft attractive proposals for publishers, and achieve success in publishing. With over twelve years of professional editorial as well as academic experience, Zahrt will guide you through the ins and outs of writing excellent articles or books for publication.

4:15 – 5:30 p.m.

  • Andrea Gehrz – On Multi-Polarism: The Astrology of Fluctuating Personality
    Modern day discourse offers many labels for human personality. It is common to hear friend and, family describe themselves as ADD, Narcissistic, Bi-Polar, Manic, etc. Astrology offers an invaluable layer to this highly charged topic. In this course, we will learn that each of us is composed of multiple *poles*, outlined by our aspect infrastructure—the angles and chords between natal planets. Participants will learn to identify these poles, and watch them in real time. Bring a copy of your chart!
  • Tony Howard – Venus Out of Bounds
    Discover the wild world of Venus out of bounds in this lively presentation featuring a seldom-used declination technique. Learn how the out of bounds placement alters our understanding of Venus through several illuminating chart examples. “Out of bounds,” refers to planets that have a declination beyond the limit set by the Sun. So they are thought to operate outside the Sun’s jurisdiction. By the end of the lecture you’ll have a powerful and easy-to-apply technique to add to your toolkit.
  • Rick Levine – Uranus in Taurus: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
    Expect the unexpected, as if that is possible. Uranus brings its shock and awe to the materialistic world of Taurus for the next seven years. What do previous of cycles of Uranus in Taurus reveal? What can we expect on the global scene? How will the wild energy of Uranus in Taurus affect us individually by transit?
  • Kira Sutherland -The Ascendant and Its Influence in Our Health
    What does the Ascendant represent to our health and how can we use it to our advantage. Ancient texts discuss how we might physically look but what more is there to learn about this doorway into our chart from a medical perspective? How do the Ascendant and the first house really affect our general constitution and liability to illness? Kira will use both Medical Astrology and Natural Medicine principles to take you on a truly holistic journey.
  • Patricia Walsh – Either You Run Your Complexes….or Your Complexes Run You!
    Complexes are complex! Especially when you are in the grip of one and don’t know what you are dealing with. Patricia will help you understand the structure and dynamics of psycho/spiritual complexes and how unhealed ones (karmic and otherwise) can run our lives. She will outline some complexes, by planetary archetypes, to help bring to light the hidden dimensions of your own subconscious drives, so you can dig deeper into the natal chart.

6:30 p.m. – Dinner


7:45 p.m. – Keynote

  • Caroline Casey – Bodhisattva Coyote’s Astrological Guide to Our Dangerous Beautiful Assignment
    Whereby Hue Hue Coyotzin, (“ancient revered coyote”) far older than humans, convenes myriad liberating trickster Genies in Nature, Fairy Tale, fiction, history woven into the astro*mytho*politico*guiding meta-narrative. An evening of pragmatic mysticism, applied divination and democratic animism. Let Trickster be our guide-companion for Navigating the Underworld to enter the “Garden of All Desired Things” (Venus square Pluto) (Sun square Mars, but quintiles Pluto!) Our beautiful shared language of astrology, says: “to avert (further) dis-aster – let’s gather to consider!”   

Saturday, March 24, 2018

9:00 a.m. – Keynote

  • Patricia Walsh – The Lighter Side of Pluto?
    You are born with a blueprint for personal growth and evolution (Pluto by sign and house). A pervasive, basic psychology that informs everything you do, if you are aware of it or not. When these tendencies are hidden from awareness, they run and/or ruin your life… so let’s bring them to light! All Pluto wants, is for us to EVOLVE! Learn what your unique ‘Evolutionary Motto’ is, as we giggle our way through the underworld of your psyche.

10:30-12:00 p.m.

  • Robert Hand – The Astrology of Conflict and Competition
    The seventh house stands for both partners or spouses, or for open enemies, persons with whom one is in conflict. This lecture describes the traditional techniques for predicting which side will win in a conflict, and whether it is possible to that the conflict can be resolved by a truce or mediation. These techniques can be applied to lawsuits, competitions of any kind, sports and of course warfare..
  • Cheryl Hopkins – The Feminine Asteroids In the Roles Women Play
    The rich symbolism of these asteroids is reflected in universal characteristics. They are especially aligned with the roles women play as mother, daughter, sister, wife. Each has you giving of yourself to another. Well-known examples illustrate how their placement offers a nuanced view of how one relates in those relationship areas of life.
  • Mark Jones – The Timing of Transformation: The Importance of the Rulers of the Lunar Nodes
    This talk will explore the rulers of the Nodes of the Moon in both the natal chart and through transits to the Nodal rulers in order to trace their significance in the expression of individual life purpose held within the Nodal Axis of the Moon as a whole. Transits to the Nodal Rulers in particular indicate life events of crucial significance to the individual’s evolutionary purpose. The chart will be illustrated with multiple historical examples as well as examples from Mark’s extensive client work.
  • Jessica Lanyadoo – High Times and Addiction in the Chart
    In this talk we will look at what planets govern which drugs, and why. Can you be moderate or are you slated to a messy relationship with adult candy? We will explore addiction, high times, and maintenance use, in this fun and non-judgmental talk, suitable for all levels.
  • Kelly Surtees – Simple Elections: Picking the Right Moment
    What is an electional chart? What are the key principles of an elected chart? Discover simple rules and ‘how to’ tips to get you started with electional astrology. Kelly will discuss the basics of electional astrology, including what planets to put where and why the Moon is so important. You’ll learn about ‘safe’ rising signs to choose, explore a few upcoming electional charts and discuss what they might be useful for.

12:30 p.m. – Lunch


2:00-3:15 p.m.

  • Caroline Casey – Outer Planets as Guides to Navigating the Underworld Ghost River
    At this time of Dire Beauty Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, representing Nature’s Evolutionary Guiding Intelligences, are the keepers of the collective frame story. We are all in this dream together, as we explore Outer Planet transits-personal to collective in order to bring old teachings alive in a liberated vernacular. Tossing all inquisitions, obvious and sneaky, into Pluto’s cauldron, to ladle out the desirable. Venus-Uranus in Aries square Pluto, sextile Jupiter-Scorpio quincunx back to Venus. Quintiles! Sun Q Pluto, Mars Q Neptune
  • Wade Caves – Missing Persons & Pets: An Application of Horary Technique
    Horary is a sharp tool that provides clear counsel on tough problems and situations. Nothing could create the sense of desperation and anxiety like the case of a missing person or pet. Learn in this session how these issues are handled astrologically with modern case studies. Attendees will be provided a substantial handout with charts, notes and resources for further study.
  • Gregory Nalbandian – Who Runs the Show?
    This lecture is designed to illustrate a basic planetary analysis of the natal Chart, using a hierarchy design I have developed over the years of counseling. This method is a psychological process oriented style of flushing out major issues and the tools we use to deal with them.
  • Safron Rossi – Cosmologies of Soul: Astrology and Alchemy
    Astrology, mythology and archetypal psychology come together in James Hillman’s cosmological vision where the soul is primary. Where astrology provides a heavenly view of the imaginal cosmos of the soul, alchemy presents us with a micro-cosmos. Like astrology, it connects us to the gods, only in a very earth focused, substantive way. This presentation pulls out some elemental threads to demonstrate how Hillman’s writing on alchemical fire, earth, air, water, gives form to a micro-cosmology of the soul.
  • Simon Vorster – The Sun Sign in Evolutionary Astrology – A Deeper Look at How the Sun Helps Evolve Our Soul’s Desires
    In this lecture I will explore the Suns role in our consciousness from an evolutionary perspective. Traditional astrology helps us identify with the sun sign on a personal level, but there is more to be understood and to be found in truly seeing our evolutionary intention of our sun signs.

3:45 – 5:15 p.m.

  • Lynn Bell – Eros and Scorpio
    Why does it feel so good to be bad? What is the impulse in our nature that urges us to cross the line, to dive into a dangerous relationship? Why do we refuse the wise voice within? Disobedience is a Scorpionic initiation, helped by outer planet transits. In the sign of Scorpio we eat the shadow to come to the light.  Scorpio gets a bad press, but how can we know the light without a relationship to the other side?
  • Omari Martin – Exploring the Arabic Parts
    This lecture presents the history, purpose, function, and application of the most familiar Arabic Parts in Natal Astrology and Horary Astrology. In addition, the significance of a night birth or day birth and the appropriate calculation will be presented. Delineation of some Arabic Parts will be observed in the natal charts of celebrities from the perspective of house placement.
  • Laura Nalbandian – Dissolving Our ‘Reality’ – Exploring Neptune Transits
  • Samuel Reynolds – Antiscia and Contra-Antiscia: Special Tips for the Astro-Tourist
    The more public Ptolemaic aspects are like how a good subway system connects a city. The maps are usually visible and easy to follow for tourists & residents. Antiscia and contra-antiscia are shadowy connections between planets from solstice and equinox points. They get you around a chart in less public ways, like side-streets or bus routes that usually only residents know. Using charts and stories, Reynolds provides practical techniques for understanding these important yet invisible connections.
  • Jenn Zahrt – Understanding Elemental Voids
    You’ve seen elemental voids, those cases where a chart has no major planets in a single element? Often these are seen as a lack, something we have to collect outside ourselves. However there is another way to approach them: mastery of the element. This lecture covers the concept of mastery as developed by Shirley Lyons Meier, and invites participants to reflect on their own experiences with elemental voids in themselves and their clients.

6:30 p.m. – Banquet Dinner


7:45 p.m. – Keynote

  • Jason Holley – Gazing at a Sky That is Gazing at Us: Coming Home through Astrology
    Night, like a lover or a parent, mirrors us back to ourselves without judgment, enabling us to land more fully into our lives, our place, our home. To feel felt by the sky is to feel and know oneself even more deeply on earth, embedded and embodied. How do encounters with astrology become encounters with self? Tonight we will explore the experience of feeling felt by the cosmos, of seeing ourselves being seen by the universe.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

9:00 a.m. – Keynote

  • Robert Hand – The Importance of Theory in Astrology
    The search for theory is the search for consistent patterns in astrology that help to explain HOW astrology works not WHY. Because we do not do seem to care enough about theory in astrology, much of contemporary astrology is a patchwork of individual astrologers’ experiences derived from extremely unsystematic observations of charts. Also, many of the changes that early modern and modern astrologers have made in the tradition comes from a failure to understand the theory behind traditional techniques.

10:15-11:30 am

  • Gemini Brett – Joy and Saros – Seeking Light in the Shadow of Eclipse Cycles
    Can life be retrieved through the ‘Death of the King?’ How can the most powerful alignments of Earth, Moon, and Sun assist our knowing, growing, feeling, and healing through shadow play and what do the periodic pulses of Eclipse Cycles have to say? Expand your understanding of Lunar Nodes and Bendings and demystify the Eclipse Enigma by gazing through the windows of Metonic Cycles and Saros Series, which respectively relate to predictive techniques of Transits and Progressions. Enter the Dragon!
  • Mark Jones – The Astrology of Depth Psychology  
    In this talk Mark will use his unique experience fusing Psychosynthesis and Astrology to give an astrological and psychological overview of the origins and development of depth psychology in the twentieth century. A movement that was crucial for the development of modern astrology. This talk provides an in-depth analysis of the charts of the main protagonists as well as exploring how astrology can help understand the meaning and impact of psychological thought on the modern mind.  
  • Laura Nalbandian – The Building Blocks of Astrology
  • Alison Price – Your Money Planets – Astrology for Your Financial Life
    Discover a positive approach to your financial life. This lecture shows how to work with the planets for your monetary benefit. Take a deeper look into natal astrology and discover which planets have something to say about your economic wellbeing. Get tips on income, earning, investing, spending, what to buy, what to sell, where to earn and how to save based on your chart. Be satisfied with what you have as your values shift through the evolution of your chart.
  • Kelly Surtees – Love’s Fool: The Timing of Relationships
    When will we meet The One? How long might love last? When should I get married? These common questions can be explored through the use of transits, progressions and firdaria. Kelly will discuss some of the most common cycles that show the arrival of love, and discuss some cycles that can trigger separation. In this relationship focused lecture, we’ll explore what turns love on in your chart and what can turn it off.

12:00 p.m. – Lunch


1:00 pm – Keynote

  •  Jessica Lanyadoo – Getting Aligned with Your Heart
    Lanyadoo will explore how we experience, seek, and express love and happiness. She’ll address our willingness to grow in the name of love – or not. We want the things, people, and conditions that we do, because we believe they’ll make us happy. But what if we want the wrong things? What if we’re fixated on the Instagram feed of joy, instead of joy itself? It’s time to learn to love in new ways and change or be changed in these restless times.

2:30-3:45 p.m.

  • Caroline Casey – Myths, FaeryTales and Detective Novels
    Mythic Figures can be considered as metaphoric animations of intrinsic Intelligence in Nature, while faery tales are more local stories in which cultures symbolically embedded their science, to be passed down via story. Detective novels, the earliest known- 231 BC in China, state “the purpose of the detective is to dive into the Underworld in order to restore human affairs to be in accord with the mandate of Heaven. Gleaning personal and collective guiding from the inter-weaving of the three.
  • JP Hawthorne – Celestial Mechanics: Embodying the Motion of the Heavens
    Still baffled by your 7th grade astronomy class? Join JP Hawthorne for a multi-media presentation that will clarify questions about the mechanics of the Universe. Come willing to have fun! The fast-paced presentation will largely feature participant activities to demonstrate laws of motion. We will also learn from lecture and video. Topics will include: Planets, Orbital Motion, Geocentric Perspectives, Highway Ecliptica, and the Moon. Don’t miss out on this fun, interactive way to learn the motions of the heavens!
  • Erica Jones – An Uncommon Saturn Return: The Capricorn Stellium Generation 1988 – 1991
    Based on results of a 2017 Saturn return survey of those born with Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, we’ll examine the unique experiences, challenges and maturation process of this generation. We’ll also consider how the Saturn return of the last Uranus-Neptune world alignment represents a maturation point for the new spiritual impulses, democratic ideals and imaginative breakthroughs which were seeded in collective consciousness. What clues might this generation provide towards a generative response to the pressures faced by the wider population?
  • Samuel Reynolds – Using Astrology to Thrive in Your Thirties
    Reynolds looks at the key, universal transits, like the nodal return at 37-38, the natal-transit Saturn square, the daring of the third Jupiter Return, and the oft-neglected Venus and Mercury returns at 32-33 years old, to provide strategies and timings to move through your thirties with renewed vigor and stronger grasp on this important decade.
  • Patricia Walsh – Lunar (re)Evolution
    One step forward, two steps back, is way of evolution for the Cardinal archetypes, especially Cancer and Capricorn. The Moon as ruler of Cancer, beckons us to revisit the past for lasting evolution to occur. In this lecture we will follow her silvery light, deep into the inner lunar landscape, back to childhood, to find a part of ourselves in need of further healing and integration. This is an experiential lecture… come prepared for an inner journey.

4:15-5:30 p.m.

  • Wade Caves – The Beginner’s Guide to Why
    This lecture is aimed at beginning and intermediate astrologers who ask themselves why houses mean what they do, how the planets were anciently described and how that colors their use and interpretation today, what the logic is in the essential dignities and debilities scheme, and why aspects mean what they do. There will also be a question & answer period left at the end of the lecture to get a response to your unanswered question!
  • Jason Holley – Libra and the Space Between: Otherness as a Foundation of Self
    Libra is the most recent zodiacal constellation in the Greco-Roman tradition, occupying a re-imagined space between its older neighbors Virgo and Scorpio. We will explore how this history reflects Libran consciousness, so deeply informed by the creative tension of internalized otherness. Through creative arrangements and rearrangements of ancient constellation myths and the life stories of modern individuals, we will develop a nuanced and deeply aesthetic understanding of the psychological depths, and debts, of Libran signatures.
  • Rick Levine – Saturn-Pluto: The Civilization Waltz
    Saturn catches up with Pluto three times per century, creating a waltz-like rhythm that our changing civilizations appear to dance to. The next Saturn-Pluto conjunction looms on the horizon. What happens when these two powerful planets conspire? What can they teach us? How can we work with these dynamic energies from a personal and cultural perspective?
  • Eric Meyers – Heliocentric Astrology: The Manifestation of Spirit
    Almost all astrology is from the geocentric perspective, and rightfully so. We live on the Earth! Geocentric astrology is from the egoic/personality perspective, the issues and curriculum of our growth. Heliocentric astrology is a transpersonal perspective, removed from the personality and relating to spiritual energy. How is Spirit manifesting through you? How are you a conduit for soul? As we mature and grow spiritually, we “get out of the way” and bring heaven to earth.
  • Kira Sutherland – Turning Malefic Maladies into Warriors of Well-being
    Traditional Medical astrology has Mars and Saturn as the bringers of ill health and disease. These planets can oft be the instigators in acute or long standing ailments, frustration and poor health. But what if we could take the message they are giving us and use it to create strength and vigor to our lives. How can we learn to work with these troublesome planets to bring about change, strength and a new paradigm of well being.

6:30 p.m. – Dinner Banquet


7:30 p.m. – Keynote

  • Lynn Bell – Coming to Earth
    With Saturn newly in Capricorn, and Uranus soon to dip into Taurus, the Earth element calls for our attention. After a year of fiery chaos, the cool earth may feel like a welcome counterpoint. Earth slows things down, it binds and holds. What can we expect from this elemental shift? Will it bring growth or stasis?

8:30 p.m. – Closing Ceremony