Post-Conference Workshops

Monday, May 29, 2017

Post-Conference Workshop Pricing

w/conference registration – $100
w/o conference registration – $130

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Post-Conference Workshops

Brian Clark –clark

Cycles of Life: Initiations through the Journey of Life

Planetary cycles map our passages and patterns of life, highlighting critical phases and initiations in our life cycle.  All planets have defined cycles and their cyclic returns symbolize homecoming, maturation and initiation. Throughout the seminar we will delve deeply into planetary cycles that mark out our life, considering stages and aspects of these cycles which demarcate the critical turning points of our lives.  We will work with the planetary cycles three-dimensionally, looking backwards into our personal, familial and ancestral past, as well as forward into the possibilities of our future, participating with the life script inscribed in our horoscope.


Melanie Reinhart –reinhart

Chiron and the Healing Journey

We focus on the life-process symbolized by the Minor Planet Chiron, with particular reference to its meaning by transit. A brief astronomical introduction and a discussion about the ‘healing journey’ will enable us to reflect on and ‘feel into’ Chiron in our own horoscope. Enquiring into the role played by our physical, emotional and mental afflictions on the path of awakening, we walk the narrow path between denial of our suffering, and identification with it. And the Centaur Chiron travels with us. Some healing practices which support this theme will be offered.


Patricia Walshwalsh

ReSOULution: Counseling and Healing Karmic Imprints

The hardest patterns to change are those that are imprinted on a soul level (buried deep in the subconscious). Patricia will share and demonstrate simple, yet deep techniques, from her 15+ years as a Past Life Regression Therapist /Trainer and Evolutionary Astrologer. She will teach how, meeting the subconscious in its own terrain, is the way to re-soul-ution. Working with the natal karmic signatures in the chart, you will experience one of your own past lives and work in the Bardo (afterlife) to resolve the imprints. You will learn direct experiential techniques to heal Karmic Imprints for yourself and clients.