Pre-Conference Workshops

Thursday, May 25, 2017

$100 w/conference registration
$130 w/o conference registration

12:00-6:00 p.m. – Pre-Conference Practicum Workshop

Mark Jones 

Seeing through to Soul: The Natal Chart as a Window to Our True Potential

This workshop will explore the birth-chart as symbol of our Soul’s potential. Mark will teach the most direct way to understand/reach that potential by exploring the interaction of outer/transpersonal planets with inner/personal planets within the context of planetary and lunar nodes.  The workshop will provide an opportunity to share in Mark’s vision of a Soul-centered astrology wherein astrologer and client are allied in realizing that level of the client’s being. To aid both astrologers and explorers in attendance, principles will be brought to life with multiple examples illustrating the way in which this approach has helped individuals transform and grow.

Friday, May 26, 2017

$75 w/conference registration
$105 w/o conference registration

9:00 a.m. – Noon – Pre-Conference Intensive Workshops

Steven Forrest forrest

The Transit of Neptune

What do we do when everything falls apart? First, look at your birth chart. Very likely, there is a current Neptunian signature. Second, look into your heart. What keeps you clinging to the collapsing structure? Genuine need, or just habit and fear? If you surrender to the process, what will fill the space you are opening up in your life? And right now, in this moment, what new vision is arising in you? How can you best welcome it?



Jason Holleyholley

Deep Mercury: Journeying Through the Crossroads

Descents, retrievals, crossings, encounters – the mythology of Mercury is profoundly psychological. Yet astrology often forgets Mercury’s depth. Ally of all healers, Mercury does what astrologers do: assists individuals at key thresholds, helps make sense of the will of the gods, and encourages creative play of one’s role in the cosmic drama. When Mercury is around, stuck places unstick, silenced parts start speaking, lost items return. Mercury loosens us up, slips past defenses, opens roads to uncharted psychic territory. Through client and participant charts, we’ll explore the surprisingly profound effects he subtly facilitates natally and through visitations by transit, progression, and synastry.


Joanne Wickenburgjo-1

Transits for the Novice & Intermediate Astrologer

You don’t have to be an expert to interpret transits in a way that is in-depth and meaningful. What’s going on in your life now,  and how can you best take advantage of both the easy and the challenging energies surrounding you.  Joanne will show you how to read transits, aspects, eclipses, retrogrades and more. Some basic astrology is required, but as long as you know how to put the transiting planets around your chart, or have a computer that does it for you, it’s a go! Join Joanne as she takes you through the art of transit interpretation. This is sure to be both fun and enlightening.