A brief history of NORWAC

The Northwest Astrological Conference, or NORWAC, was founded by Margaret (known to all as Maggie) Nalbandian, on March 23, 1984, at 12:45 pm in Seattle, Washington.

Maggie first began formulating the idea for this conference because she wanted something different than what was out there; a conference that didn’t feel like a conference, but more like a family gathering. A place where speakers and attendees could mingle together, sharing ideas and converse in a more relaxed and intimate environment. This is why we still sit down to our banquet meals as equals; no separate tables for speakers or attendees, staying true to Maggie’s original vision.

Joined by her daughter, Laura Nalbandian, they collaborated to bring astrologers from all over the world to speak, as well as inviting local artisans and others to participate in the Trade Show, along with the
family bookstore Astrology Et Al, which is now owned and operated by her son, Gregory Nalbandian.

Now celebrating its 37th year in the Pacific Northwest, NORWAC has earned a reputation for providing stellar lectures/speakers, as well as being one of the most beloved astrology conferences in the astrological community.

We are a fully family run conference, with our coordinator Laura Nalbandian, her daughter Jen, her son Aaron, and her brother Gregory, who are all directly involved in bringing this event to the PNW each year.

And for the second time ever, NORWAC has gone completely virtual, in order to bring our unique conference to the world despite the current global circumstances. We could not be more excited to bring this event to you all again and we can’t wait to see you there, online!

~ The NORWAC Family