Chat Protocol

NORWAC lecture & keynote room chat etiquette

No personal attacks or harassment
Attacks against someone based on race, age, religion, politics, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or disability will not be tolerated.  Do not comment on the personal appearance or pronouns of speakers or other attendees

No Solicitation
Don’t promote your latest blog, services, website, books, or articles

Keep your private conversations private
Excessive chat in the large keynote room is very distracting for the lecturer and the other attendees.  During lectures, keynotes, panels, workshops, keep your comments in the chat box on topic.  If you have something to say off-topic, chat privately or wait until the breaks.

If you wouldn’t say it in a live, in-person lecture, then don’t say it publicly in one of the NORWAC lecture rooms.  

Violation of this protocol will result in removal from the lecture/keynote/workshop.  Continued violation of this protocol will result in permanent removal from the conference.