A Look At 2020 – Panel

Judith Hill: The Great Climacteric and the Wisdom of Squirrels
 Self sufficiency, backyard farms and The South Node Eclipses in Capricorn (conjunct Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto).  Included: brief discussion of this month’s  ingress of the nodal axis into Gemini-Sagittarius.)

Demetra George: The asteroids Wuhan and Pallas, signifying the virus and the defense system, are traveling in tandem through the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius during 2020. How do their influences ebb and flow against the background of the monumental changes heralded by the three historic outer planet conjunctions of Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto, and Jupiter/Saturn?

Chris Brennan: Assessing what we’ve learned and where we are headed as we stand in the midst of two major outer planet cycles: the Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions.

Patricia Walsh: Global Initiation!
Will we pass or will we fail? I’ll discuss the effects of the new Pluto/Saturn synod, the shifting nodal axis, Aquarius transits on the horizon and the impending USA Pluto return through the lens of the collective process of Soul-Making, De-Conditioning and Individuation, that we are all participating in.