Christen, Gary – Solar Arcs

This talk is about using Solar Arcs in the Horoscope. There are many approaches to prediction, each more complicated than the next. The use of Arcs combines simplicity, elegance, ease of use and they deliver terrific results. When combined with transits, they set up conditions for life’s destiny to unfold. You will be shown how Directions differ from Progressions and how to use Sensitive Arcs. To make this useful and simple, we will incorporate a Lifetime Solar Arc table and a list of the natal arcs between planets called the Difference Sort to use with our Solar Arcs. These simple, personal tables, unique to each individual, allow us to see at a glance, a lifetime of possible events and the sequence of when the events unfold. This is a talk for all levels of astrological knowledge and ability. While beginners will follow with ease, even seasoned professional practitioners will gain some great new tricks that are easy to use.