Flaherty, Dennis – Mars: Self Determination in the Cult of Speed

In Vedic astrology Mars is a four armed deity. Mars hands are truly quicker than your eyes, as everything with Mars happens in a “New York Minute”, as his shock and awe are worshipped in the modern cult of speed. When malefic Mars and his Moons bring fear and panic, conflict and war. The rise and wealth of the international arms and finance industries and their lobbies reap record profits based on such threats to sovereignty and financial security. Thankfully Mars’ other hand offers the most benefic of boons; the boon of self determinism, the ability to chart our own destiny. When benefic he is an advocate, when malefic he is the worst of bullies. This class will discuss both sides of the red planet, so that you may quickly grasp and determine when he is auspicious, and when he is not. You must do so quickly to survive in the growing cult of speed. To be four armed is to be forewarned!