Fontana, Kristin – Evolution of the Goddess!

In order to fully recover the totality of the natural feminine, the healing must happen from the ground up, to re-remember our Mother roots and how the woman was originally created. Three vital paths of healing are reflected in the asteroids that rule the first three chakras. Lilith embodies our literal Root, the trunk of the tree where all the branches emanate. She is your ideal image of a woman. The Sacral Chakra known to be the sexual center, the hearth and the home of the woman and also where creativity is birthed is reflected in the asteroid Vesta. Amazon, the warrior who gives us the courage to actualize our deepest desires is reflected in the Solar Plexus. The times demand that we restore the natural energetic balance of the female force in order for our species to survive. Kristin will use this trinity of this asteroid energy in chart interpretations to display how that primal recovery of the feminine can be restored.