Fontana, Kristin – Fumbling Toward Ecstasy: The Redemption of Lilith

It is said that Adam’s first consort was Lilith. Lilith insisted on total equality, refusing to be Adam’s submissive wife, so she flew into the night never to return. In the matriarchal world, Lilith was once an image of pure and natural feminine essence. She is honored and praised for initiating and fully expressing her personal freedom and sexual passion. Throughout the centuries mythological literature has given Lilith a ‘bad rap’, portraying her as a femme fatale – “rebellious, alluring, irresistible and deadly”. In astrology, there are three astronomical bodies named Lilith. This lecture will use chart examples to describe the significance of these three archetypes, offering insights into ways of re-claiming the natural expression of the Lilith in you.