Gainsburg, Adam – Deepening Your Angles: The Fuel-Angle-Tool Technique™*

If you’ve ever wondered how to easily distinguish one Taurus Rising from another, here’s a great technique for quickly fleshing out any of the four main angles (AC, DC, IC, MC) for you or your clients. We’ll first review what each angle signifies – as a distinct facet of our personal aspiration to dynamic wholeness, learn what each Angle’s Fuel and Tool are and why, and then integrate them using attendee charts and a good dose of humor!

* This lecture is permanently discounted for two reasons: Firstly, the audio quality. The sound drops out occasionally as the speaker moves around during the lecture. Secondly, we do not have the handouts or any visuals to accompany this lecture, and there are multiple points in the lecture where the speaker references something we cannot see. Please accept our apologies and purchase at your own discretion, thank you!