George, Demetra – Traditional Astrology for Yourself

In the past two decades, the translations of dozens of astrological texts from the Hellenistic, Arabic, and Medieval periods have sparked a renewed interested in traditional astrology and precipitated a renaissance in astrological thinking. This workshop will introduce the basic doctrines, definitions, and terminology, demonstrate their application in chart analysis, and suggest ways to apply these concepts to the mindset of the modern person. Learn the special vocabulary and use of such concepts as sect, diurnal and nocturnal planets, whole sign houses, triplicities, bounds, reception, configurations, witnessing, hurling rays, rejoicing, lots, solar phases, under the beams, profections, time lords, and releasing. Demetra will introduce the first pages of ‘Traditional Astrology for Yourself,’ a programmed text workbook designed to help the practitioner learn the basic techniques through application to one’s own chart, and the seminar will incorporate time for hands-on practicums.