Herring, Amy – Integrating Aspects in a Natal Chart: Completing the Astrological Puzzle

There are three main puzzle pieces in Astrology: Planets, Signs, and Houses. Put them together and you reveal the astrological equivalent of ‘See Jane Run’: Talkative Mercury in Gracious Libra in the 7th House of Love, and other such rote phrases. But it’s putting these isolated sentences together and letting them talk to each other that really help us understand the complexities within ourselves; why we may believe one thing and say another or want something but not grab it when it’s in front of us. Understanding the aspects in our chart can help us understand how to get out of our own way and maximize the possibilities of any two planetary connections. This lecture will help you see how to sift through contradictions and connections in any natal chart. While the main aspects and their fundamental meanings will be covered, much of this class will focus on seeing them put into action through given examples and charts from class. Aspect patterns such as the T-Square, Grand Cross, and Grand Trine will also be covered if time permits.