Johnston, Bill – Fate, Free Will & Destiny

Most of the discussion in modern times about the question of fate and free will has been limited by the formulation “Fate vs. Free Will”, with its implicit assumption that fate and free will are contraries. This presentation will suggest that they are complimentary, and that understanding their interaction in a given person’s life is critical to the practice of effective astrological counseling. We will begin by examining their various conceptualizations in an astrological context from ancient through modern times. I will argue that the prevailing conceptualization of fate is outmoded and inappropriate for modern western culture, and present a conceptualization of destiny that could meaningfully replace it. Once we’ve established a useful framework and vocabulary, we can examine questions such as “is the range of freedom of will the same for everyone, or are some lives more “fated” that others? If the latter, can this be seen in the natal chart?