Jones, Mark – The Silver Path of the Moon: The True Potential of the Nodal Axis in Astrology

This workshop will teach on the nature of the nodal axis of the Moon in Evolutionary Astrology and reveal its true importance in accessing the creative will and destiny of the individual. It will explain the nature of the nodes in each sign and house, the importance of aspects to the nodes, the relationship of the nodes to the Outer Planets and the nature of the transiting nodes. The workshop will draw on in depth client material from over ten years of working as an Evolutionary Astrologer and a Psychosynthesis Therapist. This material will be used to dramatically illustrate the teachings about the nodal axis and the way it can play out and influence people’s lives. Anyone who attends this workshop will come away with an increased understanding of the meaning of the nodal axis both in their natal chart, and in general.