Jones, Mark – The Unlived Life – How to Identify and Potentially Transform Unresolved Material in the Birth-Chart

How often do we feel that we are fully expressing our creative potential? We may have times in life when we feel that we are stuck in a difficult pattern of behavior, perhaps in our relationships or in the way we feel about ourselves; we feel unfulfilled and somehow we know that there is more to our lives than this. In this talk I will delineate clearly areas of stress in the birth-chart, from squares to the nodal axis of the Moon, to difficult Saturn, Uranus or Pluto aspects, for example, that will help us as astrologers to identify unresolved material in the birth-chart. I will draw on my experience as an evolutionary astrologer and as a transpersonal psychotherapist to provide examples of client work showing both the identification of such material, and its potential for transformation.