Stathis, Georgia – Electing Decent Business Charts

Clients want the perfect electional chart, which is, frankly, impossible. There are always periods of time in which long-range stressful aspects just don’t let up like the current Saturn Pluto square. However, individuals still need charts for new ventures. So what does the astrologer do? Do we close up our shop until conditions improve or do we dive in and do the best we can with what we have to work with? Stathis explores the various approaches she uses to elect a ‘decent’ chart for different venues such as business, events, marketing periods, research periods, etc. She will walk you through the procedure she uses for her clients, which also includes how she contracts with clients to do the work. Stathis, a faculty member at Kepler College, heading up the new Business Certification program is an experienced astrologer who has developed these techniques over 30+ years.