Walsh, Patricia – Astro-Magination: Using Imagery & Imagination in Astrological Counseling

In this workshop you will learn fresh ‘experiential’ techniques to apply to your own learning and the way you practice astrology. This workshop is designed to bring you into direct relationship with the living soul of the archetypes we call planets and signs. Patricia will guide you in experiencing and learning techniques where, rather than talking ‘about’ the chart, you become the “Midwife”…. the one who ‘holds the space’ inviting the inherent wisdom of the cosmos itself, to birth greater awareness and consciousness for others. As taste of things covered: Opening to and inviting synchronicity; Daytime/Twilight/Night time consciousness; Invoking and guiding Imagery for yourself and clients; Gestalt techniques / Dialogue with Planets; Role Play to understand intrapsychic tensions and to facilitate creative resolution; Aboriginal understanding of working with dreams, visions and imagery; Journeying with ‘sprit animals’ as carriers of astrological and archetypal wisdom; And more………….