Walsh, Patricia – Diving into the Waters of Self: Aquarius, Individuation and Liberation

At the heart of the process of Individuation lives the simultaneous divergent pull, of the urge to preserve ones personal ‘history and tradition’ and the need to liberate from it in order to grow.  The archetype of Aquarius holds very deep clues to navigating this personal tension by virtue of its rulers, Uranus and Saturn. It might seem paradoxical that the archetype of Aquarius often associated with Brotherhood, Community and Humanitarianism also encompasses what is unique about each and development of the individuated Self. As we all know Aquarius is quirky… and often misunderstood, a common error is to confuse Ego and Self, and through that we miss the salient message, that the ultimate gift to give to humanity is your fully aware, unique and integrated Self. In this lecture we will look at the archetype of Aquarius and the interplay of Uranus and Saturn; explore a variety of related Jungian and transpersonal concepts  and look at the stages of individuation  and the challenges and rewards of each.