Walsh, Patricia – Journey to the North Node

“We are what we imagine. Our very existence consists in our imagination of ourselves. The greatest tragedy that can befall us is to live a life… un-imagined.” ~ N. Scott Momaday (Native American Author)
Rather than just explore the information of archetypes, In this one day workshop Patricia will combine lecture and guide you in self-experiential exercises and journeying to your ‘resources’ to explore the latent potential of your North Node and point you in the direction of the ‘cutting edge’ of your own evolution!! Using ‘shamanic pathworking’ exercises, ‘active imagination’ and ancient ‘thought form’ building techniques, you will invite your psyche to learn to, openly ‘conspire with the universe’, on your path of evolution. Constantly pulled between the opposite of the South Node and North Node we simultaneously, and often quite subconsciously, reenact patterns from the past, while also striving to evolve beyond them. Patricia will cover the psycho/spiritual dynamics of the natural opposition of the Nodal Karmic Axis, as it exists within, as the pull between the past and future and how to use the present as integration point. She will also discuss each archetype (Aries-Pisces) as it relates to the North Node’s meaning in your own life. Come prepared to engage the healing power of your imagination and experience the evolutionary potential of your soul.