Walsh, Patricia – Soul Dramas: Identifying Karmic Complexes in the Natal Chart

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to witness a live past life regression and then explore together what it reveals about the natal chart. Take a past life journey through the astrological archetypes. Drawing from material from her new book ‘Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy’ Patricia will sketch out common past life scenarios and karmic themes for each astrological archetype (Aries-Pisces). She will also perform a live regression with a volunteer and then will explore how the past life story relates to the karmic axis (Pluto and the moons nodes) in the participants chart. But the learning doesn’t stop there. You will be guided to work in pairs using simple exercises designed to open the gates of your imagination allowing you to access past life information for each other, both with and without the chart.