Walsh, Patricia – Virgo/Pisces and the Sanctity of Being – Making the Mundane Magical

Sanctify yourself, Set yourself free…….Simple Minds. Jupiter is now nestled into Virgo’s womb while Neptune and Chiron are dancing in the Piscean mist. As they conjunct the transiting nodal axis (with Saturn in Sagittarius square) the emphasis is on the integration of, the mystical and the practical. The desire for wholeness and holiness is at the core of the Virgo/Pisces axis and the evolution from Pisces SN to Virgo NN intends for us to discover the Divine right here, right now …..in the least expected places. Patricia will elaborate on the mystical/esoteric and practical meanings of this ‘transitional axis’, which sits betwixt the lower (personal) and upper (trans-personal) hemispheres of the chart. She will also describe the psycho/spiritual processes that are involved in gestating, nurturing and birthing the light of the soul from within. Finally, tapping into the inherent power of this axis, she will take you on a guided journey down the river of the events of your life, back to the cosmic womb (Pisces) to ‘re-member’ your purpose and sanctify (Virgo) your life.