Wolfson, Steve – Deepening Your Life’s Alignment with Your Soul’s Intentions

I see us in a time of vast acceleration of growth. Change so in your face that it is difficult to integrate. Change so strong it can traumatize. What is no longer relevant gets sheared away. Change that may feel forced on me. Some are excited. Others are fearful, choosing denial, attempting to stop the waves of change in any way possible. Perhaps we find both of these voices within us. The “me” I’ve known for so long seems to be drifting away. What is going on? Who am I now? Where am I now? How will I survive this? Will I survive this? A significant shift for me has been the gradual realization that all of this, with its pain and inconvenience, is all for my benefit. Life really is On My Side. Somehow, in the long run, it all works out. I am changed because of the experiences I would never have consciously chosen. I don’t have to like any of this. It’s OK to hate it, if that is how I feel. I’m unlikely to feel it while I’m in the fray, but somehow, over time, I may actually find spontaneous gratitude appearing. Gratitude for what I have become as a direct result of the changes I survived.