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2023 NORWAC Lectures – Audio Bundle

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Ortelee, Anne – Horary Workshop

Forrest, Steven – Working with Chiron

Stacey, Wendy – A Paradigm Shift

Ortelee, Anne – Tertiary Progressions

Reynolds, Samuel – What the Firdaria?!

Coppock, Austin – Seven Stages

Tarnas, Becca – Permutations of Venus

Sedgwick, Philip – The Chart Speaks

Hill, Lynda – The Sabian Symbols

Toth, Anne – Palmistry and Astrology

McCoy, Karen – Transiting Lunar Nodes

McCoy, Karen – Timelines

Levine, Rick – The Saturn-Pluto Cycle

Jawer, Jeff – Healing the Astrologer

Hand, Robert – The Great Conjunction

Hand, Robert – Astrology and Language

Greenleaf-James, Lyn – Sex Astrology

Toth, Anne – Palmistry and Astrology

Bell, Lynn – Embracing the Opposites

2022 NORWAC Lectures – Audio Bundle

Levanti, Drew – Radical Elections

Coppock, Austin – Planetary Decades

Zahrt, Jenn – Vesta’s Sovereign Fire

Nalbandian, Laura – Polarity Points

Sutherland, Kira – Seeking Health

Moreno, Amanda – Queering Astrology

Hill, Judith – Fertility Astrology

Coppock, Austin – Planetary Charity

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2018 NORWAC Lectures – Audio Bundle

Levine, Rick – Evolution of Astrology

Hawkwood, Karen – Love Under Two Skies

Sedgwick, Philip – That’s It!

Sedgwick, Philip – Clues From Beyond

Rogers, Kim – The Company They Keep

Poulsen, Mikel – Get A Real Job!

Gerhardt, Dana – Sacred Allies, Part I