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Mann, A.T. – Log Arc Directions

Levine, Rick – Working with Aspects

Lehman, Lee – Lending Dignity

Kuenzel, Mark – Retrograde Planets

Rogers, Kim – Living With Angels

McRae, Chris – Great Conjunctions

Masco, Maire – Nodes of Eclipses

Forrest, Steven – Astrological Ethics

Schaim, Leisa – When Love Comes Around

Marcus, Rose – Rulers of the Nodes

George, Demetra – The Sixth House

Ortelee, Anne – Midpoint Extravaganza

Reinhart, Melanie – Chiron-A-Virus

Surtees, Kelly – Malefics of the Mind

Harper, Diana – Re-Envisioning Juno

Martin, Omari – Vocational Astrology

Sedgwick, Philip – The Y of Planet X

Belanger, Sheila – Midlife Revisions

Sedgwick, Philip – Karmic Limbo

Pond, David – Jupiter Opposite Neptune

Hand, Robert – Astrology & Qabalah

Forrest, Steven – The Mighty T-Square

Oken, Alan – The Earth & Saturn

Levine, Rick – Fate versus Free Will

Forrest, Steven – Moon Intensive

Fernandez, Maurice – Jupiter in Virgo

Sedgwick, Philip – Soul Mates

Mann, AT – Sexuality in the Horoscope

Cowger, Barry – Stock Market Trading

Owen, Amanda – The Moon & Destiny

Levine, Rick – Venus & Neptune

Lehman, Lee – Classical Solar Returns

Frawley, John – The Soul in the Chart

Frawley, John – Introduction to Horary