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Forrest, Steven – Electional Astrology

Dimino, Monica – Another Look at Mars

Best, Nick Dagan – What’s Up Uranus?

Wickenburg, Joanne – Living Your Chart

Tarnas, Richard – Cosmos & Psyche

Poulsen, Mikel – Ready to Read

McRae, Chris – The T-Square Dilemma

Marie, Kim – Planetary Nodes

Gehrz, Andrea – Daimons Are Forever

Francis, Lesley – The Cross of Matter

Brennan, Chris – Life, Love & Lots

Rackow, Fran – Financial Cycles

Pond, David – Awakening into “We”

Jones, Mark – The Price of Healing

Jawer, Jeff – Zodiac Code

Jawer, Jeff – Chart Attack

Hand, Robert – The Triplicities

Forrest, Steven – Vesta Reconsidered

Forrest, Steven – Eris: The New Planet

Jawer, Jeff – 2010 & Beyond

Hand, Robert – Astrology & the Soul

Frothingham, Moll – The Off-Stage Leo

Forrest, Steven – Twenty-five Years

Forrest, Steven – The Four Angles

Forrest, Jodie – Venus Returns

Mann, AT – Your Stories and Life Quest

Jawer, Jeff – Astrology and Community

Forrest, Steven – Local Space

Christen, Gary – Solar Arcs

Bell, Lynn – Aspects as Defenses

Walsh, Patricia – Generations

Star, Gloria – Love As We Know It

Star, Gloria – I Did it My Way

Pond, David – Star Crossed Love

Levine, Rick – Taurus, By Jove!

Levine, Rick – Cycles of Saturn

Jones, Mark – The Two Sides of Venus

Forrest, Steven – Imagining Ourselves

Walsh, Patricia – Pluto Passages

Walsh, Patricia – Images of the Moon