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Jawer, Jeff – Conflicted Needs

Surtees, Kelly – Active Aspects

Christen, Gary – Off the Ecliptic

Hand, Robert – Jupiter as a Malefic

Marcus, Rose – Eris & Sedna

Cunningham, Donna – Stelliums 101

Jawer, Jeff – Planetary Purity

Hand, Robert – Saturn as a Benefic

Michaels, Nuno – Playing with Planets

2019 NORWAC Lectures – Audio Bundle

Hand, Robert – Astrology and Location

Brady, Bernadette – The Nodes

Nalbandian, Laura – Inner Planets

Herring, Amy – How to Host a Webinar

Hand, Robert – The Uranus/Pluto Cycle

Jawer, Jeff – Timekeepers

Wolf, Rhea – Gender in Astrology

Lehman, Lee – Hands-On Horary

Bell, Lynn – The Moon and Dependency

Panel – A Look At 2020 – video

Marcus, Rose – Transgender Charts

Brennan, Chris – Rulers of the Houses

Levine, Rick – The Perfect Chart

Bell, Lynn – Heart Mind, Moon Mind

Duncan, Adrian – P(l)utin

Forrest, Steven – A New Look at Chiron

Star, Gloria – Aftermath: Now What?

Walsh, Patricia – What If???

Stacey, Wendy – Secrets of Attraction

Sedgwick, Philip – A New Look at Pluto

Levine, Rick – Transits for Beginners

Levine, Rick – Opposing Jupiter