Participant Guidelines

Welcome and thank you for joining our event! Conferences are opportunities to explore our shared passion, learn from one another and make friendships that last a lifetime. You can support us in creating a warm, engaging safer space by observing the following guidelines:

  1. First, strive to do no harm. We encourage you to use our time together to create a culture of care. Let’s cultivate our kindness, consideration, and goodwill toward others.
  2. People from all walks of life come to astrology events. Each attendee deserves respect, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture, language, religious affiliation or belief, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, relationship status and style, socio-economic status, size, or level of education.
  3. This event provides an opportunity to learn about various perspectives, both astrological and different lived experiences, so let’s actively embrace the diversity of our community. We can learn so much when we remain open-hearted and curious.
  4. Remember that language has power. Being thoughtful about your language includes using people-centered, empathetic language that respects a person’s identity. You don’t have to be an expert; just be willing to try. You can learn about more inclusive language here.
  5. We all make mistakes, and that’s okay! Please remember that the impact of what we say and what we do outweighs our intent. Listening to the other person’s concerns and apologizing (rather than explaining our intentions) goes a long way toward restoring trust and connection.
  6. Gross boundary violations such as physical, verbal, or mental abuse, sexual harassment, or privacy violations will not be tolerated.
  7. Be mindful of making assumptions about another person’s comfort level. We can honor each other’s boundaries by asking for clarification and consent. (“Are you comfortable sharing your chart data?” “May I give you a hug?”)
  8. Ask for permission when taking photos and before posting on social media.
  9. We want to respect the presenters’ copyrights and ownership of materials, so please refrain from recording lectures or reproducing information without proper permission and citation.
  10. Conferences provide social opportunities to talk shop. Let’s engage in respectful debate, honor astrology’s varied traditions, and avoid disparaging another’s approach. Vive la différence!
  11. Conferences often provide opportunities to learn more about our own charts from lectures and from others we meet. You’ll encounter a range of experience and expertise, so use your discernment. You are the authority on your life and experiences.
  12. If you experience or observe someone being disruptive or are concerned about the well-being or safety of someone in attendance, please come to the registration desk and let us know. You can reach out to any staff member on hand.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines. We hope you enjoy yourself at this event!