Post-Conference Workshops

Monday, May 27, 2019

Post-Conference Workshop Pricing

w/conference registration – $100
w/o conference registration – $140

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Post-Conference Workshops


Chris Brennan

The Best of Both Worlds: Blending Modern and Traditional Astrology

The recent revival of older forms of astrology over the past few decades has resulted in the rediscovery of many powerful techniques, but it has also raised a lot of questions about whether there is any way to reconcile the older traditions with the newer ones. In this workshop we will focus on identifying some of the areas of convergence and divergence between the traditions, and then propose some solutions for creating a new synthesis of modern and ancient astrology.


Frank Clifford

New Ways of Relating: Understanding the In-Depth Dynamics of Sign Combinations

One of the most important steps in chart interpretation, forecasting or synastry is to understand the dynamics between the zodiac signs. Some connections are easy to spot, such as the freedom-focused, future-orientated duo of Sagittarius–Aquarius, or the home, gardens and cuisine combo of Cancer–Taurus. But what of Leo–Capricorn? Cancer–Libra? Aries–Virgo? Every pairing has themes in common, as well as components that don’t easily fall into place, but pinpointing the essence of its relationship often requires further detective work. With chart examples, we’ll spend the day learning to suss out and articulate these dynamics. Bring along your charts and stories, too.


Kelly Surtees

Places of Ease and Pathways of Frustration: Go Deeper with Natal Aspects

Learn the deeper meaning of the aspects in your chart. Which aspects point to ease and flow, and which aspects indicate potential problems? Discover your most important aspects, and explore their true purpose. Through re-visioning aspects you’ll get a better grasp on the dynamics that direct your soul. We’ll explore traditional ideas about aspects, and you’ll gain insight into how personality is shown through the birth chart.