Pre-Conference Workshops

Thursday, May 23, 2019

$100 w/conference registration
$140 w/o conference registration

12:00-6:00 p.m. – Pre-Conference Workshop

Mark Jones 

Turning Points: An Astro-Psychological Study of the Nature of Our Capacity for Transformation

Astrologer and psychotherapist Mark Jones explores the nature of crucial turning points in people’s lives. Through a psychological exploration of the nature of transformation we will explore the possibilities inherent in human potential and relate these ideas astrologically. We examine key planetary signatures and investigate how Solar Arc Directions reveal crucial windows of opportunity for transformation. Based upon years of research, this workshop is supported by numerous historical examples of major life change as well as multiple examples from Mark’s extensive client base, revealing how regular people have effected dynamic and lasting change in their lives.

Friday, May 24, 2019

$75 w/conference registration
$115 w/o conference registration

9:00 a.m. – Noon – Pre-Conference Intensive Workshops

Lynn Bell

Saturn/ Pluto: Birthing the Shadow


As the Saturn Pluto cycle comes together, what has been suppressed or reviled, ignored or undervalued, begins to rise up. Something unknown, and perhaps unwanted, is coming to be born. It is a necessary birth, one that reveals aspects of the self that we may not wish to see, as well as sometimes overwhelming aspects of the collective. And yet, these un-integrated forces hold great power to redirect the world.


Rick Levine

Becoming a Better Astrologer: The Theory and Practice of Improving Client Consultations

You know the basics, but seek something more in your chart work. Learn useful concepts and specific techniques designed to alter your approach to natal and transit astrology, enabling you to more profoundly touch your clients. This workshop combines presentation, discussion, group process and AstroDrama to improve the natal chart interpretation skills of astrologers at all levels of study and practice. Participant charts will be used real-time to illustrate principles of AstroDrama and astrological role playing. This workshop will give consulting astrologers useful tools to apply in their client work, while helping serious students facilitate a transition into professional astrology.


Georgia Stathis

Cycles of Fashion, Color and Design

Like everything else there are historical cycles of fashion and design. Things do come back. Their structures may change slightly, but the basic colors, lines, moods are cyclically the same. Historical and contemporary fashions have threads of astrological DNA running through them constantly. Stathis, whose background not only includes Business Astrology, also has a strong background in costume and jewelry designer, watercolor with training in the theater and film. For the last 45 years of her practice, she has had her feet in both worlds, bringing some of her findings to the audience in this fun, fresh and fascinating workshop.