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AstroGraph’s TimePassages Software was founded in 1995 by astrologer, author, and software engineer Henry Seltzer. Through the years, as our company has grown and evolved, we remain dedicated to quality in Astrological information, software development, and devotion in serving the astrological community. It is our mission to provide astrological tools and perspectives in service of greater self-awareness and collective wisdom in our evolving world.


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Founded in 1979, Astrolabe is the publisher of fine astrology software including Solar Fire, Nova Chartwheels and the Astrolabe Report System. Use discount code Norwac2021 by June 15 to receive 20% off your entire software purchase. And, coming later this year, Solar Fire X for both PC and Macs!

Each Honeycomb almanac is a custom-made planner and ephemeris, with transit data specific to the owner’s natal chart, in addition to the mundane transits affecting us all. The almanac is free from interpretation, so you can practice your own astrological language skills in translating the data.

Choose your preferred start date, time zone, house system, artwork, and more to make the almanac fit your exact needs!

We’re continuously working on new features and refining our product based on customer feedback. Our latest release, Version 2.2, will be available starting Friday, May 28. Updates include:

  • New artists from our astrology community offering illustrative interpretations of the monthly transits. Featuring artwork from Em Wills (, Dave Mockaitis (, and Ophilia Mandara (
  • New plugin: Lunation charts for each new and full moon
  • New white background means easier printing at home for digital almanacs
  • Choice of paper type for your printed almanac
  • Choice of standard or 24-hour time for transit notations

Join us Saturday, May 29, at 4:00 pm PDT for a live Q&A and demo of our newest features!

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Established as a 501c3 non-profit organization in 1993, Kepler College has received worldwide recognition for excellence in astrological education. With students from every continent, we have been honoured by two UAC Marion D. March Regulus awards for education from the international astrology community.  Transitioning from a degree-granting institution in 2012, we have maintained our dedication to quality astrological education.

We are a full-service vocational school offering certificate and diploma programs. We have professional development classes to help you launch or enhance your successful astrological practice as a writer, speaker, researcher, or consultant.

You will find courses and workshops for both beginner and professional astrologers, and don’t miss our free monthly community webinars.

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LUNA is Cloud Astrology Software that works on every device you can think of:  PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook and even Linux computers.

Since it’s cloud-based, you pay either a low monthly subscription or save with a yearly plan.  There are no limits to the number of charts you can save or you can use LUNA on multiple devices at the same time.

LUNA offers real-time chart animation, mobile app installation, and has a very clean and easy to use interface.  It functions much like desktop software but totally in the cloud and for much less than a desktop alternative.  

Updates are ongoing and there is zero maintenance for you as a user.  

Receive a 20% discount on your first year by using the link below!

Not ready to signup yet? Join a live presentation on Sunday, May 30th at 10:15 am PDT for a demo & Q&A.

The ZODI Deck, Guidebook and Map are a unique and complete experiential guide to the mysterious and complex system of astrology. ZODI brings astro beginners a tactile and tangible way to more deeply learn the complex system of this star theory. Hobbyists and seasoned practitioners alike, will experience the layers of astrology in a brand-new way.

ZODI translates astro’s two-dimensional, abstract symbols into the realm of the senses through images, color, artful cards and a smooth, luxurious astrological tabletop chart map.

Astrologer, Ash Bonelli and psychotherapist, Kim Brotherton created this deck, map and wrote the companion guidebook to enable users to not only learn the layers of astrology: planets, signs, houses, chart points, and ptolemaic aspects, but also enable users to cast charts from natal to transit to solar arc progression, synastry to family constellation. The goal was for users to experience deeper levels of astrology through archetypal imagery, color, and beautiful cards movable and dynamic on a luxurious table top mat.

One of the unique uses of the ZODI system is exploring the astrology of, or casting charts for more than one person, whether a couple, family, or other small groups.

During our live demo at 6pm Pacific on Friday, May 28th, we will be demonstrating the use of the deck and map to create a family constellation chart.

We will be available in our ZODI Zoom Room both Saturday and Sunday during lunch, from 12 to 1pm and also after the last presentation of the day, from 8 to 9pm. Use the link for our live demo. Find it in the My Conference tab, scrolling to the end of the Friday schedule.

Zoom Link –


Learn more about the ZODI Deck and Map at Contact us at or Instagram @zodicollective.

During the conference (May 28th through 31st), NORWAC attendees receive a 10% discount and free ZODI tote bag with every ZODI Bundle purchase.