If you’re missing the Lounge at the DoubleTree Hilton as NORWAC moves online, come by the AFAN lounge. Bring a cocktail or a tea – whatever your jam – chat in the group or head into a break out room. Let’s hang-out and share what the highlights of our day were- maybe meet some new astro friends. That’s what NORWAC & AFAN are all about!

TimePassages is perfect for beginners as well as professional astrologers, such as Alan Oken, Antero Alli, and many others who use TimePassages to do their astrological work. We stress ease of use. All the standard Western techniques are here, with quick access to them. You get an interactive view of all charts, natal, as well as bi-wheels and tri-wheels involving transits, progressions, and compatibility/synastry). Our intuitive interface allows the software to grow with you as you gain astrological skill and knowledge. You won’t believe how easy astrology can be!

Founded in 1979, Astrolabe is the publisher of fine astrology software including Solar Fire, Nova Chartwheels and the Astrolabe Report System. Use discount code Norwac2020 by June 15 to receive 20% off your entire software purchase.

Astrology University is your premiere online destination for the study of astrology. Learn this inspiring and life-changing craft through our regular special-topic webinars, online courses or through our structured four-year curriculum, specially curated to expose you to a diversity of teachers, ideas and methods. Study with several of your favorite master astrologers as you learn core approaches to Western astrology, including Kelly Surtees, Frank Clifford, Lynn Bell, Mark Jones, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Jason Holley, and more.

Enhance your analytical skills and gain confidence reading charts through our unparalleled selection of inspiring classes.

Deepen your understanding of astrology for yourself, or work towards becoming a professional astrologer.

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The new almanac includes requested features like void of course moon times, solar return charts, larger font sizes, and more. We’re also releasing a brand new Hellenistic plugin, with timing techniques such as zodiacal releasing and annual profections.

Intention Beads are hand-sculpted, clay talismans created by astrologer Sandy Rueve. Timed with a mundane chart or your natal chart, each talisman is sculpted and consecrated at pivotal transits in a variety of designs and colors.

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Established as a 501c3 non-profit organization in 1993, Kepler College has received worldwide recognition for excellence in astrological education. With  students from every continent, we have been honoured by two UAC Marion D. March Regulus awards for education from the international astrology community.  Transitioning from a degree-granting institution in 2012, we have maintained our dedication to quality astrological education.

We are a full-service vocational school offering certificate and diploma programs. We have professional development classes to help you launch or enhance your successful astrological practice as a writer, speaker, researcher, or consultant.

You will find courses and workshops for both beginner and professional astrologers, and don’t miss our free monthly community webinars.

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LUNA is Cloud Astrology Software that works on every computer and device. For one low price, you get beautiful and professional astrology software on your Mac, PC, phone and tablet. Features include Unlimited Charts, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Solar Returns, Relocations, Biwheels/Synastry Charts, Custom Settings, Dark/Light Mode Color Themes, Timeline Journal, Chart Sharing, App-Mode for Phones/Tablets, Interactive Charts, Dynamic Ephemeris and more!

Reduced pricing is AVAILABLE NOW! Visit our website to see more and receive instant access to LUNA:

The Portland School of Astrology has expanded to become a leading community organization and the largest astrology school in the United States. PSA is striving to teach astrology through a social justice lens that appreciates and validates the variation of human expression both in the chart and within the individuals lived experience. At PSA, our frameworks for teaching astrology is with observance of Ptolemy’s Four Influences on a Human Life, which says that astrology is only responsible for one layer of who are and that equally important to this are the cultural layer, local layer and family layer of influence.

We currently offer a 1st-Year Program (both local and long distance cohorts available), a 2nd-Year Program, classes open the public, an annual conference, digital downloads, online and at-school astrology shop, Engaged Heart Library, free community events, and an active student and community life.

PSA was recently voted “32 Reasons to Love Portland’ By Willamette Week. Recently featured in Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Recently featured in KWG-tv 8 news spot (see below)!


Office: 503.284.6768
Instagram: @PDXAstro
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Greetings NORWAC family – new and longtime attendees!

The ZODI Collection is a unique, tactile experiential guide to astrology. It is an exciting and inspiring way to dive deeply into the practice – a tool for the richer self-awareness and reflection only astrology can offer. Accessible to beginners, hobbyists or professionals alike, the ZODI Deck, Guidebook and Map bring the abstract, two-dimensional symbols and formulas of this fascinating star theory into the realm of the senses through color, original photographic images, beautiful cards and a luxurious tabletop mat. It’s astrology made tangible!

As a special thank you to NORWAC attendees, beginning Thursday at noon and ending Monday at 6pm, all ZODI purchases are 10% off and get a free ZODI Tote bag with every ZODI Bundle purchase! (Use code: WELOVENORWAC) For information about international shipping for customers outside the US and Canada, drop by our Zoom Room or contact us at

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