2023 NORWAC Vendors

Astrolabe, Inc

Founded in 1979 as Astro-Graphics Services, Astrolabe is celebrating its 44th year of serving customers throughout the world… from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Astrolabe publishes Solar Fire, Nova Chartwheels, JigSaw, and the Astrolabe Report System. Astrolabe administers the ACS Atlas licensing program and also offers the Astrolabe Kiosk, a turnkey astrological package that you can purchase for your website. Astrolabe also provides a full range of chart-calculation and astrological report services. Its website, alabe.com, offers a free astro-weather feature and generates more than 4 million free natal charts each year.

Bradley Naragon – Anaragonic Creations

Bradley has been creating astrological mandalas and astrological artworks since 1998. For 24 years, Bradley has yet to sell original artworks! Process photos are regularly shared on social media, plus almost 300 originals! Soon, these will be available to collectors. Presently, Bradley offers a variety of merchandise and digital glyph sets. Online store is closed presently, contact directly with inquiries or visit at NORWAC.  bradleynaragon.com

Elizabeth Russell Integrative Arts

The Dreamfruit Almanac for Earthlings is a moon-based journal that leads you into a mythic journey through the year’s astrological influences. This is not just a planner, but an eco-spiritual adventure that activates the imagination and calls us toward a regenerative future. Dreamfruit is brought to you by Earth Dragon Press, a publisher dedicated to creating books that celebrate the wisdom of nature and our connection with the living cosmos.
Other titles from Earth Dragon Press include the Venus Retrograde Guide & Workbook to help you navigate retrogrades with flair. Earth Dragon Press is always working on new and exciting titles, so be in touch for the latest! www.Dreamfruit.world

ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research)

The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) is dedicated to advancing education and investigative analysis in astrology, promoting high standards of ethics and competence, and sponsoring the exchange of ideas amongst astrologers worldwide. ISAR is an organization created by and made for astrologers. We operate with integrity, respect, and seek to be inclusive with all members of the astrological community. Visit us online for our weekly Star Club lectures, comprehensive Astro Library video collection, our journal and more incredible membership offerings at isarastrology.org.

Joi de Vie Jewelry

Kepler College

Kepler College is a premiere astrological nonprofit institution and is among the longest-standing and best-established schools of astrology in the country. We offer all levels of instruction, from beginning to advanced to professional. All of our students have the opportunity to attend live classes, interact with qualified instructors, and form long-lasting relationships with each other and the community.  Kepler College was founded in the 1990s by astrologer Maggie Nalbandian, who had an idea of a university that would incorporate astrology into academia. In 2010, Kepler College began the transformation from a liberal arts college into a diploma and certificate-based program for students of astrology. We now operate as a fully online institution with the mission to provide the highest quality education in astrology and related disciplines, including a structured pathway to a professional astrological practice. We can be found online at keplercollege.org.

NCGR – National Council for Geocosmic Research

NCGR  was founded in 1971 by a group of astrologers, medical professionals, scientists and scholars interested in exploring astrology as it related to other disciplines. We developed a reputation for high quality education, research and certification and just celebrated our 52nd birthday, which according to numerology brings good fortune, new beginnings and positive change. It’s a Re-Birthday as we come into alignment with our Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon and Libra Rising. We are the only astrological organization with local chapters for personal interactions, providing “homes” for astrologers to meet with those of like-mind. Even if you’re not a “joiner” stop by and say hello. You might find that the benefits of being a member are well worth considering!

Oraculos School of Astrology

Oraculos School of Astrology (OSA) was founded by Mychal A. Bryan with the mission of providing the best concrete, event-based, and predictive traditional astrology education in the world for aspiring professional astrologers. A master educator across multiple disciplines, Mychal offers students a thorough hands-on education in a live and highly interactive class format. At OSA, we offer two comprehensive practice-based astrology diploma programs. In our Professional Astrologer’s program students receive a robust education in all aspects of one-on-one clientwork: horary, electional, natal, medical, synastry, and predictive astrology. In our Medical Astrology program, students receive a full natal astrology education with a specific emphasis on medical astrology assessment and research. Students in our Medical Astrology program also receive a complete education in both Uranian Astrology and Cosmobiology to further enhance their chart delineation and clientwork. Visit our booth to find out more about how you can study at OSA and to pick up a copy of Mychal’s book Mastering Traditional Astrology: A Depth of Beginning in the Celestial Art (Oraculos Press, 2023).

Organization for Professional Astrology

At OPA, we create a safe and supportive platform for astrologers, where they can find the tools and resources to grow professionally. Whether you are just beginning your astrological journey or are a seasoned professional, OPA is here to support you in launching your practice or developing your skills.

Shadow Chart Astrology

Shadow Chart Astrology is a new and up-and-coming psychological astrology paradigm paving the way to full integration of your unconscious psyche to achieve enlightenment. Everyone has a Shadow Chart and always has! Creating your Shadow Chart is easy because all you do is map the polarity points of your planets opposite your natal placements. See for yourself at ShadowChartAstrology.com. NORWAC SPECIAL! 25% OFF YOUR SHADOW CHART READING WITH CODE NORWAC. Valid until Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2023, at midnight EST.

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine

As the world’s most recognized astrology magazine, The Mountain Astrologer, is dedicated to actively imagining the future through visionary forecasts, cutting-edge articles, and weekly cyber musings. Available in stores across the US, Canada, and UK, TMA offers a quarterly print publication along with an extensive digital archive. Standing since 1987 this ‘cosmic “PEAK” through time’ is both a resource and a retreat — a space to slow down, breathe deep, and be dazzled by the most exciting minds of astrology from yesterday and today. https://mountainastrologer.com

ZODI Collective

The ZODI Collection: our 154-card astrology deck, guidebook and table top astrological chart map, is a unique and complete experiential guide to the magical and complex system of astrology. It is an exciting and inspiring new way to dive deeply into the practice – a tool for richer self-awareness and reflection not found anywhere else. Learning astrology with the ZODI Deck, Guidebook and Map bring the abstract, two-dimensional symbols and formulas of this fascinating star theory alive, and into the realm of the senses through color, original photographic images, luxurious cards and a smooth tabletop mat.
Bring your curiosity and experience the kaleidoscopic insights only astrology can bring!