NORWAC 2022 Speakers!

Cameron Allen

Cameron began his path to understanding mind-body awareness with a degree in health and sports science and psychology. Seeing that there was more to understand outside of the colonized education system, he began seeking understanding through direct experience with nature, Astrology, herbalism, rootwork, yoga, and other indigenous technologies. Cameron is a practicing herbalist and astrologer that focuses on deconditioning the ways in which we have been taught in order to reorganize ourselves with the natural rhythms and cycles of life in a practical way that is grounded in seeing life as it is. Invite to find me at

Pallas Augustine

Pallas K. Augustine, M.A., is a consulting astrologer, educator, and writer. Their practice is rooted in a relational approach that aims to deeply connect us with our non-human and non-living kin as well as to each other. By acknowledging and investing in ecological concerns, land relations, animist spiritualities, and ancestral healing, Pallas’ work goes beyond self-reflection and towards regeneration of intricate and nuanced interrelationship. Pallas has presented at Portland School of Astrology’s Visionary Astrology Conference, Nova Network’s Teacher Series, and the Fresh Voices in Astrology Summit. Their consultation practice can be found at They write at

Lynn Bell

Lynn Bell is a Paris based astrology with over forty years of practice in astrology. A long time tutor for the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London, she now teaches for MISPA and Astrology University and the Nodoor school of Beijing online. in 2017 she received the Charles Harvey award for exceptional service to Astrology. She is a sought-after speaker at many international conferences.

Wade Caves

Wade Caves is an astrological consultant and educator specialising in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. He was certified with honours from the Mayo School of Astrology and has expert knowledge of traditional and modern psychological methods of chart delineation. Wade's passion is in understanding the origins of astrological symbolism, and finding reliable ways to put this information to practical use in consultation. He is the editor and annotator of the 300th anniversary edition of William Lilly's History of His Life and Times (Rubedo Press, 2015), and teaches for the School of Traditional Astrology (STA). Website: Email:

Austin Coppock

Austin Coppock is an astrologer based in Southern Oregon. His perspective is strongly informed by Hellenistic and Vedic astrology, with an emphasis on both the magical and remedial. Austin's written work includes hundreds of weekly columns and a dozen published articles. His book-length projects include 36 Faces (2014), The Celestial Art (2018), and yearly Astrological Almanacs (2011-2015). Austin has served as President of the AYA, and as electional consultant and advisor for the trailblazing Sphere + Sundry project since its inception. Austin has spoken at a variety of conferences and is a regular on The Astrology Podcast.

Clarissa Dolphin

Clarissa Dolphin is a certified Vibrational Astrologer and active researcher. She earned two English B.A.s from the University of Pittsburgh, a Masters in Publishing from the University of the Arts London, and a Professional Astrology Certificate from Avalon School of Astrology. Her work has been featured in multiple publications, including The Career Astrologer, Dirty Laundry, White Hot, Broccoli City, Notion and award-winning art magazine FAINT. Clarissa’s research has led to breakthroughs on the Lunar Nodes, the Quincunx and Arabic Parts. She also teaches, conducts readings and lectures. Clarissa serves on the International Society for Astrological Research Board of Directors.

Demetra George

Stormie Grace

Margaret Gray

Nina Gryphon

Nina Gryphon is a practicing traditional astrologer and corporate lawyer living in Los Angeles. She has completed John Frawley’s Horary Apprenticeship, and Diploma in Horary from the School of Traditional Astrology (Deborah Houlding). Nina's practice emphasizes astrological magic. She writes a horary column for The Mountain Astrologer, as well as articles for her blog, and teaches classes and workshops. She publishes a popular monthly guide, Magical Elections, to the best upcoming magical elections, which includes detailed magical guidance and education, and a Patreon focusing on astrology and magic. Nina can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Diana Rose Harper

Judith Hill

Judith Hill is a life time astrologer and an award winning author of 13 books, including Medical Astrology; Medical Astrology for Health Practitioners; The Lunar Nodes; Vocational Astrology; and 'The Astrological Body Types'. She produced the 'Renaissance Medicine' conferences and founded 'The Academy for Astrological Medicine'. She served as the Educational Director for the San Francisco NCGR. Hill devoted ten years to the statistical research of astroseismology and astrogenetics ,and matched five charts with five biographies in an NCGR sponsored skeptics challenge. She is a Chartered Herbalist with Dominion Herbal College and a faculty member for MWI and Kepler College.

Jason Holley

Gary Lorentzen

Gary has been an active astrologer and teacher since 1972. He has been President of both the Washington and Oregon Astrological Associations and was a founding board member of Kepler College, responsible for the development of the curriculum and instructional design. His main interest is in Mundane, primarily history and politics, and has written numerous articles on those subjects.

Amanda Moreno

Michael J. Morris

Laura Nalbandian

Laura is a 2nd-generation astrologer based in Seattle, WA, and the owner of NORWAC, established in 1984 by her mother Maggie. Laura has been active in the astrological community since 1990. She is a founding board member of Kepler College,1992; and a founding board member of IAEA, International Association of Ethics in Astrology, 2020; has served on the board of WSAA for more than 15 years. She has been teaching since1986 and co-founded SoulWise School of Evolutionary Astrology in 2019, Laura was the UAC coordinator for 2002 & 2018, Registrar for UAC 2012, and is the coordinator for ISAR 2022.

David Pond

Samuel Reynolds

Leisa Schaim

Alice Sparkly Kat

Gloria Star

Kelly Surtees

Kira Sutherland

Kira Sutherland is a highly experienced, award-winning naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and medical astrologer living in Australia. She divides her time between clinical practice and writing/lecturing on these subjects, and is known and loved for her vibrant, straightforward teaching style. She has lectured around the world and uses her 25 years of clinical experience and vast knowledge of healing in combination with her passion for medical astrology into a wonderful mix of mind/body medicine. She can be found at or on socials @astrologyofhealth.

Kirah Tabourn

Kay Taylor

Charm Torres

Patricia Walsh

Christopher Warnock

Christopher Warnock has been a traditional astrologer and Renaissance astrological magician since 1998. He has been called "the father of the traditional astrological magic revival" and the "elder statesman" of astrological magic. He is the co-translator of the Latin Picatrix, the most important grimoire of traditional astrological magic and has written and published many books on astrological magic and traditional astrology. His talismans have been accepted into the permanent collection of the British Museum. Mr. Warnock teaches astrology and magic courses and offers authentic astrological talismans through his website Renaissance Astrology

Jenn Zahrt

Jenn Zahrt, PhD, serves the astrological community as an astrologer, writer, editor, publisher, lecturer, teacher, and newly minted Director of the Celestial Arts Education Library Institute in Olympia, WA, a membership-based reference library. Visit Jenn (and a collection of 5,000 astrology books) at the CAELi Institute: