Owen, Amanda – Receiving with Neptune: Fulfilling Your Dreams

If you don’t meditate, don’t have an artistic bone in your body, and don’t really feel like devoting your life to the less fortunate, what can you do with the symbolism of Neptune? Traditionally, astrological literature offers little when it comes to utilizing what this mysterious planet has to offer. Opening to the Neptune experience, minus the distortions of deception and escapism, rests within the balance between giving and receiving. Neptune’s placement in the natal chart reveals an area of life where we excel at giving but have a great deal of difficulty in receiving. There are three steps that can be taken to shift the Neptune experience from confusion, victimization, or deception to the highest possible spiritual level. In this lecture we will examine Neptune’s natal placement by house and aspect as well as transiting Neptune to discover how a boundary-less state can serve you instead of hinder; bring you the dream instead of disappointment.